My first full marathon

1st mile: I’m pumped. I know I can do it for sure. 26.2 miles? Piece of effin’ cake!

2nd mile: wow, this is nothing. I can go on forever, and ever.

3rd to 6th mile: what a nice day to run. I’m glad I didn’t wear too much coldgear. Lalalala.

7th to 8th mile: oh my, did that person hit the wall? At this rate, she won’t make the full marathon!

9th to 12th mile: oh dear, my feet are little sore. *Wiggles my toes* *performs a couple of run stretches* *prays to the running god that I won’t feel any more pain*

13th: Man, look at those half-marathoners. That was so me last year! Man, am I jealous that they’re done.

14 to 18th mile: I can deal with the pain. It’s really not bad. As long as I have my strawberry-flavored gummies for energy. (At this point, I’ve stopped a couple of times to stretch.)

19th mile: [I meet a nice girl with a sprained ankle on the way] Oh hai girl! You’re running at a great pace! Can I join ya?

20th to 22nd mile: My feet are killing me T_T. (I see Alice Lee, a close friend who came to cheer me on) ALICE! OMG ALICE! *HUGS* Owch! My legs hurt so much! Take a picture of me though! ^__^

23rd mile: Where… is … the… mile… maker?

24th mile: I’m struggling to keep tears back. For some reason, I’m feeling emotional.

25th mile: This sucks. Oh gawd, when is it over?? Stfu Fanny, stfu! F*** THE PAIN!!!!!

26th mile: tears are about to let loose. Must smile, must smile. (My pictures are eventually taken at the finish line. A picture of me crying at the finish line would SUCK). You’re almost there… DASH IT!!!

26.2 miles: I burst through the finish line gates and so do my tears.

Yes, I cried. I actually shed tears of joy when I finished the marathon. Dammit, 26.2 miles is no joke.


My 1st Half Marathon

In the beginning of August, I signed up for the Philadelphia Half Marathon. I was a click away from selecting the full marathon. Thank goodness I did not. Somehow, a sane part of my mind stopped me from signing up for an option that would potentially destroy my legs.

Last Sunday, I was able to successfully finish the half marathon with several friends. I am proud to inform you that I had the best time (amongst my peers, of course). However, I am also not very proud to announce that the moment I reached the half marathon finish line, I saw, to my left, finishers of the full marathon… finishing at the same time as I did! My face of triumph immediately disappeared when I saw those running machines dash ahead of me. At the moment, I vowed to become a better runner!

I have to admit that I sorely underestimated the half marathon. Before the race, I thought “I’ve ran multiple times before. I’m ready for this. Who cares if the most I’ve ever ran was 10 miles? Look these seniors around me… if they can do it, so can I!

How silly of me.

In the beginning of the race, I felt confident, my legs felt great, and I was pumped! Even the weather was great! Nothing could stop me. Well, after 8 miles, I felt the exact opposite. I felt sluggish, my legs felt like jelly, and I was exhausted. Even the weather felt too hot! Although I felt this way, I never doubted that I could finish it under a good time.

I just wished that I trained harder. Instead of slacking off at the very last month, I should’ve amped my miles up. Next time, 26.2 miles! Here I come!

Also, most importantly, I give my blessing to the deceased runners’ families.

Pictures from the race: