My parents made my life EZpass


Mom: Geez, toll is expensive!

Dad: Yeah, I know! We could have taken Fanny’s car…! That way, it would be free!

Me: Um, Dad, using my EZpass does not make it free…

Dad: Yeah, I know.”

Years ago when I was a mischievous little high-school tween, I used to catch the bus to go home. Clad in one of my usual “goth” outfits and over-sized headphones, I would try to enjoy my ride while packed in with the other students. Sometimes, along my route home, I got a snack from a fast food restaurant or a convenience store. Eventually, the bus took me to my middle class neighborhood where I would walk through a scenic block to get to my house. During that time, worries of money never crossed my mind. Now, I wonder how much that entire trip cost me? Correction, how much did that trip cost my parents? For me, the entire trip was free, just like my EZpass for my dad. When we were younger and living the carefree adolescent life, money, food, and other types of sustenance was never an issue because our parents took care of us. From shampoo, orange juice, living space, and trip to school, my parents made sure I never had to even think about money.All I had to do was go to school and go home. Life was so simple.

Now, as a 9-5 office worker, nonstop coffee guzzler, & main breadwinner, I can relate to and fully appreciate my, sometimes, annoying parents. As the we grow up, the burden of transforming me and my brother into capable and independent adults slowly slowly diminishes for my parents. Watching the stress and anxiety slowly melt away from them each day motivates me to keep on living a happy and adventurous life. Nowadays, my parents can be so silly around us. Especially my dad!