My first full marathon

1st mile: I’m pumped. I know I can do it for sure. 26.2 miles? Piece of effin’ cake!

2nd mile: wow, this is nothing. I can go on forever, and ever.

3rd to 6th mile: what a nice day to run. I’m glad I didn’t wear too much coldgear. Lalalala.

7th to 8th mile: oh my, did that person hit the wall? At this rate, she won’t make the full marathon!

9th to 12th mile: oh dear, my feet are little sore. *Wiggles my toes* *performs a couple of run stretches* *prays to the running god that I won’t feel any more pain*

13th: Man, look at those half-marathoners. That was so me last year! Man, am I jealous that they’re done.

14 to 18th mile: I can deal with the pain. It’s really not bad. As long as I have my strawberry-flavored gummies for energy. (At this point, I’ve stopped a couple of times to stretch.)

19th mile: [I meet a nice girl with a sprained ankle on the way] Oh hai girl! You’re running at a great pace! Can I join ya?

20th to 22nd mile: My feet are killing me T_T. (I see Alice Lee, a close friend who came to cheer me on) ALICE! OMG ALICE! *HUGS* Owch! My legs hurt so much! Take a picture of me though! ^__^

23rd mile: Where… is … the… mile… maker?

24th mile: I’m struggling to keep tears back. For some reason, I’m feeling emotional.

25th mile: This sucks. Oh gawd, when is it over?? Stfu Fanny, stfu! F*** THE PAIN!!!!!

26th mile: tears are about to let loose. Must smile, must smile. (My pictures are eventually taken at the finish line. A picture of me crying at the finish line would SUCK). You’re almost there… DASH IT!!!

26.2 miles: I burst through the finish line gates and so do my tears.

Yes, I cried. I actually shed tears of joy when I finished the marathon. Dammit, 26.2 miles is no joke.