I’m addicted to vitamin C

During the autumn and winter times, between early October to early February, I am generally a slightly sickly person. My nose is usually drippy and stuffy and I tend to sneeze a lot. I noticed that my mom is the same way. Perhaps it’s genetics? I’ve tried tons of products from Alka Seltzer, claritins, and generic cold medicine. Nothing worked. Sometimes, I’d get the placebo effect effect where I think the product worked on my sniffly, sneezy, drippy nose. In hours, or even minutes, I’d start to feel all sickly again. After a lot of trial and error, I have finally found my true antidote: NUTRILITE® Twist Tubes – Strawberry Kiwi. I recommend trying the product! If you are interested, please order through this website:  http://www.amway.com/tonyten13/Shop/Product/Product.aspx/NUTRILITE-Twist-Tubes-Strawberry-Kiwi-flavor-for-Immunity?itemno=116872! You would be doing my friend a big favor. He owns an amway online shop and is working on gaining prospective customers. 

These twist tubes contain 1000mg of vitamin C per tube. I mean, you can probably get other products from different vendors with the same amount of vitamin C. Well, personally, I like NUTRILITE the best. I’ve tried many other vitamin C products and overall, these twist tubes are my favorite. To me, they taste like strawberry dessert in a bottle with about 20 calories per stick. Some people tell me to just each fruits. Well, as a woman, it is recommended that I eat 2 cups of fruits. Since I’m very active, I need to each 2 1/2 cups. I dunno about you, but I don’t remember the last time I ate 2 cups of fruits each day. I probably should but the truth is? I don’t. Therefore, I drink NUTRILITE .Best of all, they make me feel really, really good as in no sniffly, drippy, runny nose kinda good. 🙂 Note: You won’t feel it right away in the beginning but after about 1 or 2 days, you’ll feel the difference.

NUTRILITE uses sucralose to sweeten each tube. Based on livestrong.com (http://www.livestrong.com/article/354379-sucralose-effects/) some people report that sucralose causes headaches and weight gain. At the same time, these findings were gathered from people with a sucralose sensitivity or allergy. Therefore, studies are inconclusive, and more are required. Overall, the benefits of NUTRILITE outweighs the cons.

I carry 1-2 sticks with me at all times for my water. Sometimes, when I pull ’em out in front of people, they stare at me all weird. I can only imagine how I look like in their perspective. A pale asian girl pulling out a vial of red liquid in a suspicious vial… hmm…

If you have the same sickly feel as I do in the winter or simply want to include more vitamin C in your lifestyle, go here to order your NUTRILITE twist tube: http://www.amway.com/tonyten13/Shop/Product/Product.aspx/NUTRILITE-Twist-Tubes-Strawberry-Kiwi-flavor-for-Immunity?itemno=116872 

By making a purchase, you’ll be helping my friend with his amway start up shop as well!


Broad Street Run Countdown: 31 days left to go

Am I nervous? No.

Do I feel guilty? Yes.

It’s been over 2 months since I’ve signed up for the race and I have not trained. The only upside is that I’ve been following my regular eating and workout regimen. On the downside, I’ve been heavily drinking and bingeing on the weekends. Worst of all, I have not been running as much as I would like. For Pete’s sake, 12 miles was the most I’ve completed in a week for a very long time. When I was training for the half marathon, I was hitting 25-30 miles per week! Even then, my legs felt like heavy jelly by the 9th mile. Here’s what I plan to do in order to avoid jelly-legs and half-assed results – 

  1. Follow the training plan. Hopefully, mother nature will be nice to me and grant me sunny weather on my runs.  Otherwise, I’ll need a backup running course.
    • x mile run: Fartlek style. Fartlek is a free-flowing format in which you run faster for however long (or short) you want to. Many great athletes, including the Finnish Olympic medalist Lasse Virén, have done their speed training this way. To run this way, I will be challenging my body by doing quick sprints every now and then.
    • muscle train – any workout BUT cardio: Body-weight style. I’m not a big fan of weight machines; I rather use my own body as a weight to train. I’m fairly new to the muscle training area of fitness so don’t judge me! T__T Anywho, I really like the no equipment full body workout plan by “The Bike Guy” (http://www.instructables.com/id/No-Equipment-Full-Body-Workout/). Just a series of your old-fashioned push-ups, sit-ups, planks, and leg-ups. I also want to try the navy seal abs workout… (http://www.instructables.com/id/Navy-Seals-Ab-Workout/step2/Crunches/)
    • Cross Train – any workout BUTrunning (options): 
      • I’m a huge fan of the insanity program and have completed the program several times. Nowadays, I choose a video and jump to it. It’s an amazing workout program and everyone needs to try it! Shaun T is just extraordinary…. and sexy, if I must say.
      • Swimming. This is only if I can get into a gym with my friend’s gym guest pass since I don’t have a gym membership. I’m too poor to afford one… and I simply don’t like working out at a gym. I’ve started my fitness lifestyle in a gym and slowly edged out of it. Nowadays, I’m usually running outside or jumping around my house to Shaun T’s voice.
      • Various gym classes such as cardio kickboxing and boot camp. Once again, I’ll need my friend’s fancy guest pass to LA fitness. Fortunately, I have several good friends with that option :D! 
  2. NO HARDCORE DRINKING. This means no weekend black-outs, Fanny! Yes, you! I mean, me… 1 to 2 shots here and there or a glass of wine is acceptable.
  3. NO BINGE EATING. This means I’ll have to start eating healthy on my weekends as well. I’m in the habit of using my weekends as cheat days. Instead, I’ll have to cut back and start having 1 cheat meal per week only.
  4. Develop a good sleeping pattern. I’ll have to learn how to sleep early on weekdays and even weeknights. No more waking up at 2pm EST on the weekends…. =___=


1. http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-238-263–12081-0,00.html

Rule to the fitness bandwagon: NEVER eat foods that you do not like

I think the most valuable lesson I’ve learned throughout my life in regards to fitness and health is to eat what I enjoy. I have fallen off the fitness bandwagon multiple times and one of the leading reasons is that I ate foods that I simply did not enjoy. This list includes plain oatmeal, plain yogurt, certain types of salads, black coffee, etc. I can go on, & on. For a long time, I never thought that simple alterations can make a complete difference in not-so-enjoyable foods. For example? I used to force myself to eat mixed greens with a drizzle of olive oil simply because it is good for me. Eventually, I stopped and lost all hope in lettuce and olive oil. Until, only recently, my friend introduced me to balsamic vinegar. Just a couple of drops of this stuff in the olive oil spring mix turned my taste buds around! I love it so much that I try not to eat too much of it in fear that I may lose my fondness of the recipe. I also used to hate carrots until I added peanut butter to the little orange sticks prior to munching.

You might ask me “well, Fanny, aren’t you adding more calories to these supposedly healthy foods?” The answer is yes, yes I am. But what is a little bit of balsamic vinegar if it gets me to eat my greens? What is a little bit of peanut butter if it gets me my vitamin A? Alterations to recipes and foods should be beneficial, not counterproductive. Instead of adding sugary dressings, I chose balsamic vinegar. Instead of ranch sauce, I chose peanut butter. These are only little example of beneficial alterations. My equation to healthy eating? Generic plain healthy recipe + beneficial alteration = WIN.

Now, you’ll probably ask “Fanny, doesn’t it take a ton of time to figure out WIN foods for myself?” My answer is yes, yes it will. Taste buds change all the time; therefore, figuring out what you enjoy eating will be a lifelong adventure. We spend so much time searching for schools, jobs, and love… why is it any different with food? (That is my question to you) You should always give your body the best, quality AND taste. If the food is not tasty, it is not worth it. Think of your body as your car, would you fill your car with low quality gas? You’ll just end up messing up your car (obviously, I’m not a car kinda gal…)

I found myself sticking to my fitness lifestyle when I eat what I enjoy. That does NOT mean you should eat cheesesteaks, french fries, pizza, etc.  Healthy foods that are delicious are just as abundant as unhealthy foods. Believe me. It just takes time to find those foods. Remember…. generic plain healthy recipe + beneficial alteration = WIN.

Do you want to look like the loch ness monster for 10 minutes?

I recently found out that oatmeal is not only good for your heart but it is also good for your face. Apparently, oatmeal has the ability to absorb extra oil, exfoliate, and strip dead skin cells. Since eating the oatmeal will not do the job, one must apply the gunk onto the face. Now, imagine walking around with oatmeal over your face…

Anyway, as a typical girl (with acne problems), I decided to give it a try. My first attempt did not get me anywhere. The problem? I smeared the oatmeal, as it is, straight onto my face. It took me 20 minutes to cover one small section of my face simply because the chunky mixture would NOT stay on my face. I immediately got impatient and walked away, leaving the oatmeal mess all over my sink.

The next day, I woke up to a bunch of oatmeal boxes that I purchased for the purpose of creating a DIY mask. There was no way in hell that I’m going to waste good food. Therefore, I rolled up my sleeve and determined to make this damned mask for me. After a bit of searching around the internet, I came across simple recipe to make the perfect oatmeal mask.

Ingredients are –

  • oatmeal
  • water
  • honey

Tools needs –

  • food processor
  • cups
  • fork for mixing

I mixed the oatmeal and water together with a fork and grind the concoction in the food processor. This way, the oatmeal looked more like puree baby food. I mixed in the honey so that the concoction became sticky. By now, the oatmeal smelled so good I just want to eat it (which I did. Don’t worry, I left some for my face). I went back to the bathroom and smeared the puree baby food .. I mean, oatmeal… to my face. This time, the oatmeal actually stayed on my face. Success!

The results? Pretty fabulous if you ask me. The acne on my face diminished in color and my face did not feel as oily. Just one day, my mom noticed that my face looked more plump and dewy. If you don’t mind looking like the loch ness monster for 10 minutes, I highly advise trying this mask. I’ll have pictures for the 3rd time I do this again.