Steps to becoming rich

Some people save money for luxury purposes such as vacations. Some people save for emergency purposes such as layoffs. Well, my purpose to save money is to invest. Specifically, I plan to invest in a life cycle fund. According to Ramit Sethi, investment guru, this fund is perfect for lazy yuppies such as myself. I really recommend reading his book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” which provides in depth financial steps for young people to begin the early stages of investing. In order to invest in a life cycle fund, I will need to open a Roth IRA account and save $2000 for the minimum.

Why am I writing down this goal? According to “Smart Women Finish Rich” by David Bach (I’m still amazed and excited that this book was written by a man), writing down a goal is a great method to effectively achieve it! So here I go! I will keep posting my progress.



What is love? How does it feel?

It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one
But there’s something about us I want to say
Cause there’s something between us anyway

– “Something about us” by Daft Punk

As I listen to this song, I reminisce back to the days when I was in college and somewhat dating a particular person. During that time, I thought he was “the one.” I remember when I listened to this song during that time, I truly thought I wanted to be with him.

Now, as I listen to the song, I realize that I don’t have the same feelings. I try hard to muster up the feelings. Suddenly, I began to realize that if I have to try to muster up old feelings, then he must not be the right one. I also realize that I have never been in loveI have been in love with the moment at that point in time but never truly in love. This realization made me a little sad. Human feelings are so fleeting.

Maybe this is a stupid question: has there been anyone who loved someone regardless of time and separation? Even if you couldn’t be with that person, would that love continue to remain? Maybe this type of love doesn’t exist. Maybe I’ve watched and read too many love stories.

I’m addicted to vitamin C

During the autumn and winter times, between early October to early February, I am generally a slightly sickly person. My nose is usually drippy and stuffy and I tend to sneeze a lot. I noticed that my mom is the same way. Perhaps it’s genetics? I’ve tried tons of products from Alka Seltzer, claritins, and generic cold medicine. Nothing worked. Sometimes, I’d get the placebo effect effect where I think the product worked on my sniffly, sneezy, drippy nose. In hours, or even minutes, I’d start to feel all sickly again. After a lot of trial and error, I have finally found my true antidote: NUTRILITE® Twist Tubes – Strawberry Kiwi. I recommend trying the product! If you are interested, please order through this website:! You would be doing my friend a big favor. He owns an amway online shop and is working on gaining prospective customers. 

These twist tubes contain 1000mg of vitamin C per tube. I mean, you can probably get other products from different vendors with the same amount of vitamin C. Well, personally, I like NUTRILITE the best. I’ve tried many other vitamin C products and overall, these twist tubes are my favorite. To me, they taste like strawberry dessert in a bottle with about 20 calories per stick. Some people tell me to just each fruits. Well, as a woman, it is recommended that I eat 2 cups of fruits. Since I’m very active, I need to each 2 1/2 cups. I dunno about you, but I don’t remember the last time I ate 2 cups of fruits each day. I probably should but the truth is? I don’t. Therefore, I drink NUTRILITE .Best of all, they make me feel really, really good as in no sniffly, drippy, runny nose kinda good. 🙂 Note: You won’t feel it right away in the beginning but after about 1 or 2 days, you’ll feel the difference.

NUTRILITE uses sucralose to sweeten each tube. Based on ( some people report that sucralose causes headaches and weight gain. At the same time, these findings were gathered from people with a sucralose sensitivity or allergy. Therefore, studies are inconclusive, and more are required. Overall, the benefits of NUTRILITE outweighs the cons.

I carry 1-2 sticks with me at all times for my water. Sometimes, when I pull ’em out in front of people, they stare at me all weird. I can only imagine how I look like in their perspective. A pale asian girl pulling out a vial of red liquid in a suspicious vial… hmm…

If you have the same sickly feel as I do in the winter or simply want to include more vitamin C in your lifestyle, go here to order your NUTRILITE twist tube: 

By making a purchase, you’ll be helping my friend with his amway start up shop as well!

My first full marathon

1st mile: I’m pumped. I know I can do it for sure. 26.2 miles? Piece of effin’ cake!

2nd mile: wow, this is nothing. I can go on forever, and ever.

3rd to 6th mile: what a nice day to run. I’m glad I didn’t wear too much coldgear. Lalalala.

7th to 8th mile: oh my, did that person hit the wall? At this rate, she won’t make the full marathon!

9th to 12th mile: oh dear, my feet are little sore. *Wiggles my toes* *performs a couple of run stretches* *prays to the running god that I won’t feel any more pain*

13th: Man, look at those half-marathoners. That was so me last year! Man, am I jealous that they’re done.

14 to 18th mile: I can deal with the pain. It’s really not bad. As long as I have my strawberry-flavored gummies for energy. (At this point, I’ve stopped a couple of times to stretch.)

19th mile: [I meet a nice girl with a sprained ankle on the way] Oh hai girl! You’re running at a great pace! Can I join ya?

20th to 22nd mile: My feet are killing me T_T. (I see Alice Lee, a close friend who came to cheer me on) ALICE! OMG ALICE! *HUGS* Owch! My legs hurt so much! Take a picture of me though! ^__^

23rd mile: Where… is … the… mile… maker?

24th mile: I’m struggling to keep tears back. For some reason, I’m feeling emotional.

25th mile: This sucks. Oh gawd, when is it over?? Stfu Fanny, stfu! F*** THE PAIN!!!!!

26th mile: tears are about to let loose. Must smile, must smile. (My pictures are eventually taken at the finish line. A picture of me crying at the finish line would SUCK). You’re almost there… DASH IT!!!

26.2 miles: I burst through the finish line gates and so do my tears.

Yes, I cried. I actually shed tears of joy when I finished the marathon. Dammit, 26.2 miles is no joke.

Ladies, looking for an effective workout for your busy schedule?

If you are close to me, you probably already know that I’m a runner and a big fan of Shaun T’s workout program “Insanity.” Some of my friends have caught me lifting weights at LA Fitness. In a span of a week, these workouts take up a lot of my time. Sometimes, as a 9 to 5 office worker & occasionally traveling to client sites, I am unable to run or go to the gym. Therefore, I researched up a quick and effective workout for those kind of days.

First, you must always start out with good cardio (this is my rule). Instead of running and doing insanity, I complete the “Victoria Secret 10-minute fat-blasting” workout. At first, I laughed when I saw the video. I mean, come on! Victoria Secret workout? Well, I tried it and you know what? I wasn’t laughing by the end of the workout. I was dripping in sweat and panting.

Second, you must complete a body strength/muscle development workout. I personally love to work on my abs and legs. To target my abs, I complete the “No Equipment 6 Pack Abs workout.” Sounds intense, but really isn’t. This workout video has helped me maintain a trim flat waist.

Altogether, these 2 steps take about 20-25 minutes of your day. No excuses now! Get workin’!

My parents made my life EZpass


Mom: Geez, toll is expensive!

Dad: Yeah, I know! We could have taken Fanny’s car…! That way, it would be free!

Me: Um, Dad, using my EZpass does not make it free…

Dad: Yeah, I know.”

Years ago when I was a mischievous little high-school tween, I used to catch the bus to go home. Clad in one of my usual “goth” outfits and over-sized headphones, I would try to enjoy my ride while packed in with the other students. Sometimes, along my route home, I got a snack from a fast food restaurant or a convenience store. Eventually, the bus took me to my middle class neighborhood where I would walk through a scenic block to get to my house. During that time, worries of money never crossed my mind. Now, I wonder how much that entire trip cost me? Correction, how much did that trip cost my parents? For me, the entire trip was free, just like my EZpass for my dad. When we were younger and living the carefree adolescent life, money, food, and other types of sustenance was never an issue because our parents took care of us. From shampoo, orange juice, living space, and trip to school, my parents made sure I never had to even think about money.All I had to do was go to school and go home. Life was so simple.

Now, as a 9-5 office worker, nonstop coffee guzzler, & main breadwinner, I can relate to and fully appreciate my, sometimes, annoying parents. As the we grow up, the burden of transforming me and my brother into capable and independent adults slowly slowly diminishes for my parents. Watching the stress and anxiety slowly melt away from them each day motivates me to keep on living a happy and adventurous life. Nowadays, my parents can be so silly around us. Especially my dad!

Seeing definition

ImageIt’s amazing to think about how I have been working out for over 2 and a half years (maybe more). I’m getting stronger everyday. Only downside? I’ve only lost a ton of weight and become lanky. Recently, I have been doing some ab work outs. So far, I see a teensy bit of definition (lines and such). Nothing to brag about :O!

Since the full marathon is coming up for me soon, I don’t have much time to work on my abs. Therefore, after the marathon, I plan to seriously kick some ab ass! (Huh? Abs have asses? o__o)