Seeing definition

ImageIt’s amazing to think about how I have been working out for over 2 and a half years (maybe more). I’m getting stronger everyday. Only downside? I’ve only lost a ton of weight and become lanky. Recently, I have been doing some ab work outs. So far, I see a teensy bit of definition (lines and such). Nothing to brag about :O!

Since the full marathon is coming up for me soon, I don’t have much time to work on my abs. Therefore, after the marathon, I plan to seriously kick some ab ass! (Huh? Abs have asses? o__o)


One step at a time…

Recently, I’ve found myself thinking about my “true calling.” You know, your personal mission in life. At 23-years-old, I do not have a single clue of my so-called personal mission in life. 

We tend to go with the flow or follow the advice of others, including myself. Without realizing it, I have reach a certain point in my life where I wonder if this is where I want to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be where I am, living, laughing, enjoying every moment and event. The question is: do I want to be here? Have I found my true calling?

These thoughts have been keeping me up late at night. I can’t sleep without forming a good answer and solution for myself.

Then, one day, while enjoying a bowl of red bean soup, I realized that I am where I am because I let it happen, naturally and unwarily (just like I let myself enjoy a nice bowl of red bean soup). I simply cannot realize what I want and where I want to be, like I chose my major in college. To be happy or to achieve happiness, I may have to go through a journey of adventurous attempts and bolder ideas. I think it’s more maintaining a state of happiness than to simply select or realize a “true calling.” As long as I can smile each day, then I know that I’m completing my personal mission. 🙂