Who says television and Irene is a complete waste of time and money?

Besides the $7 billion worth of damages that resulted from Hurricane Irene, most American families can agree that Irene has  done one good deed: bring us closer together. For many people, I guess force is better applied.  

On a Saturday night, I typically cuddle next to my mom and watch Chinese dramas – that was 10 years ago. The current 22-year-old “me” loves to prowl the bars, restaurants, streets, and local hot spots of various states on a the weekend. These were exactly my plans for last weekend until Elvis Duran, my favorite radio host, informed me of Irene. Unlike some of my unfortunate coworkers, I did not experience any power outages at home. However, I also knew that a majority of the bars, restaurants, and stores in Philadelphia would not be open or had early closing hours. I learned this fact the hard way when me and a friend decided to go to the mall on Saturday only to be informed by the mall’s  megaphones that they would be closing in 20 minutes. For safety precautions, I went back home, sat around for an hour trying to decide on something to do until my mom asked me if I wanted to join her in her room and watch a new drama. I accepted her invitation by changing into my PJs, making a steaming cup of hazelnut hot chocolate, and cuddling next to her in bed. Within the 5 hours, we talked, watched TV, enjoyed each others company, and snacked together. Eventually, I watched my mom slowly fall asleep. That night, I realized that I will always be the same little girl from 10 years ago to my mom no matter how old I am. Now, it kind of makes sense why she still tries to hold my hand when we walk around in public. I still think it’s embarassing but at least I can finally see it her way. I wonder if the same concept applies to my dad…

Even without power outages at home, I was able to unintentionally spend quality time with my family. I can only imagine how much closer the families that went through power outages in their homes may have gotten.

Another bonus: Irene definitely saved my wallet.



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